City Discount Tires

Guaranteed Tires from $25.

If one of our tires should fail within 90 days, including Road Hazard, we will repair or replace it for free

Refurbished and deep cycle batteries from $79.95 with a full one year replacement warranty with installation and receipt. New batteries from $82.50. Give us a call and get a great deal today!

We stock Interstate™ Batteries



We specialize in good, fully guaranteed used tires, as well as new obsolete tires, RV tires, ad brand name new tires at reasonable prices. We can supply off-shore at great prices (on prepaid orders only)

Our service range cover from mounting, balancing and repairing tires, to brakes, steering, under chasis and clutch repair, as well as automotive electrical and injection service, and tune-ups on domestic and imported cars. We also Repair RVs and Trailers.

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